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Located at rear of RMIT Building 49
Access from Stewart St. Melbourne
HOURS: monday to friday 9-6
‘The DrawingSpace Melbourne’ activates dormant spaces through the drawing process in all its forms. It is a MetaSenta Project supported by the Design Institute, RMIT. The Activating Dormant Spaces project has funding both through MetaSenta and the Design Institute.

The mobile drawing space, The DrawingSpace Melbourne is dedicated to the dialogue of ideas within contemporary art through the entrance of drawing.

'Drawing' in the 21st Century is its own 'person' - it is an ultra inclusive practice that’s history is one of the oldest of nearly all known art practices. Its beginnings appeared on cave walls in the Kimberly (the Bradshaw Drawings of 17,000 BC) as well as the more widely known cave drawings of Central France. Drawing is now known to be one of the most innovative, complex and pivotal art practices in the world today. Through the developing centuries it became foundational to the major fine art practices of painting and sculpture, however, during the Nineteen Sixties the Conceptual Movement, especially Sol Lewitt, opened out the traditional and conventional drawing practice to once more stand alone as one of the highest art-forms, reinvigorating the historical ‘wall drawing” as well as the overall theory and understanding of drawing. The unique position of drawing is expanding and is highlighted globally more and more as cultures interact ideologically, dialectically, technologically and ‘by the hand’. It is drawing in its multitudinous forms, which integrates and is the nexus for interdisciplinary and conceptual practice.

Philosophy / Vision

The DrawingSpace, Melbourne adheres philosophically to the under-girding premise of The Drawing Room, London, which “explores ideas around contemporary drawing and makes them visible in the public domain. As the only public gallery in the UK, and indeed Europe, dedicated to the investigation and support of contemporary drawing practice, The Drawing Room provides a unique resource for the promotion of drawing: its theory, practice and methodology”.
Drawing Room London: