MetaSenta is a vital, compact arts research hub, which functions internationally between Universities and the wider Arts and Business Communities. It does this by linking, networking and initiating high quality and influential international art research projects, which have high impact outcomes, in an interdisciplinary context.


Dr Irene Barberis, MetaSenta’s Director based the operating structure on her own international studio practice. Spontaneity is integral to artistic practice. Although much art process is reflective and laboured, spontaneity allows for creative leaps of idea and result. The great American artist Sol LeWitt, who coined the phrase “conceptual art”, said, “artists are mystics rather than rationalists, they leap to conclusions logic cannot reach. Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Both these statements speak of the creative leap – most often within the sphere of spontaneity. MetaSenta Projects has the ability to move quickly and to take the opportunities as they present.

Within the conventional paradigms, much research is undertaken through the very rigorous but unwieldy Research Centres attached to Universities. While these cater for the large and strongly institutionally financed projects, it is very difficult to initiate, house, and fulfill spontaneous international arts research.

MetaSenta Projects – this virtual networking, facilitation house, however, does this extremely well.


MetaSenta has a strong and constantly developing network of collaborators throughout the world that can create opportunities for diverse projects and initiate project growth. This can happen both in the University world and in the wider context of global community.

The shifts in perspective of a now ‘global’ reality have highlighted the need and the awareness that diverse and fast intercultural interactions are necessary for human understanding, and this needs to be done in an economical and cost effective way.

MetaSenta has taken this change in the nature of research need and capacity, and has created a strategy whereby many interlinking and diverse projects can happen spontaneously and inexpensively.








Global Centre for Drawing & The DrawingSpace - Analogy: Colour, Tone +Tint

Curated by Irene Barberis

From University of Arts London: Paul Coldwell, Jeffrey Dennis and Kelly Chorpening

From RMIT University Australia: Wilma Tobacco, Fran Van Reimsdyk, Rhet D'costa, Sally Cleary and Phil Edwards



Global Centre for Drawing - Anne Lydiat (London)

The DrawingSpace - Marcelo Lima and Julia Townsend



Contemporary Australian Drawing - One, exhibition at RMIT Gallery as part of the International Drawing Out Conference

Global Centre for Drawing (GCfD) launched with Kreider and O'leary's (London) exhibition Video Shakkei. GCfDp is a collaboration between Metasenta, RMIT University and the University of Arts London.



Nerma Cridge - Echo at The DrawingSpace Melbourne



Metasenta at 4th ELIA Leadership Symposium in Lucerne, Switzerland - Delegates

Artists in Leadership Dialogue - Metasenta and University of Arts London collaboration Prof. Chris Wainwright and Dr. Irene Barberis. Metasenta Arts Research Assistant - Sarah Duyshart, University of Arts London Project Assistant - Kate Sedwell




It is a pleasure to announce that Metasenta will be opening a Metasenta Hub in Hong Kong this May with Louise Lee (MA/BA) Co-ordinating projects.


The DrawingSpace will also be setting up two permanent hubs in Hong Kong and Dubai in August of 2010.


The DrawingSpace will temporarily set up space to exhibit in Brisbane in August 2010 to run for several months.


Paper Journeys an exhibition of artists involved in Metaseta's Moving Cultures, curated by Amie Oliver.



Irene Barberis was invited to select three young Australian artists to take part in this years Rome Art Program. Metasenta is delighted to announce that Kimball Holth, Eugene Howard and Jahnne Pascoe-White each received Rome Art Program Scholarships. They will spend a month painting and drawing in Rome with international students, artists and critics









The Centres Project Pt II

Contemporary Australian Drawing

5 Places







ACROSS THE GULF; BAHRAIN, DUBAI AND ABU DHABI 2009. Edited Dr. Irene Barberis, Co-authored with Keith R. Winter. Metasenta International Publishing.








MOVING CULTURES: GUANGZHOU - TIBET 2009.. Edited Dr. Irene Barberis. Metasenta International Publishing


THE MONTANA GROUP: ARTIST IN LEADERSHIP DIALOGUE - LUCERNE 2009 PUBLICATION 1. Edited Dr. Irene Barberis, copy edit Sarah Duyshart.


AUSTRALIAN DRAWING. Author Dr. Janet Mackenzie, Essay Dr. Christopher Heathcote. Edited Dr Irene Barberis


SMALL BOOK SERIES. Edited Dr. Irene Barberis. Announcing first participating artists/authors; Prof. Stephen Farthing (University of the Arts London), Prof. Marcelo Lima (American University in Dubai)






ACROSS THE GULF - BAHRAIN , DUBAI, ABU DHABI. Camera - Keith R. Winter, Edited Dr. Shaun Wilson


MOVING CULTURES: GUANGZHOU - TIBET. Camera - Andre Liew, Edited - Dr. Shaun Wilson